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Why I love our new virtual class teacher, Susannah

We hired Susannah pre-pandemic, in January'20, as a sculpting specialist and she led our varied age groups in becoming more and more confident with the use of different materials that turn projects into 3-D masterpieces. Susannah is an award winning multi-disciplinary artist who taught public programs at the Museum of Fine Art and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Boston for many years.

Then, suddenly, the environment shifted and we were all forced to learn anew, to grasp proper ways to keep kids engaged, to come up with a strategy that still keeps learning fun and gives children, who're sometimes shy, and sometimes gregarious, a safe space to learn and perform. I've researched different approaches high and low, from youtube how to videos to those paint night type teachers who make you color by number. We had lots of conversations about proper approaches and tweaked and tested as things progressed.

I'm so thrilled to have witnessed the gentle guidance Susannah was able to adopt for all our virtual classes. She leads by demos, but makes sure no one is left behind, nudging ever so slightly and with specific personalities in mind those who seem anxious or don't feel comfortable speaking up. Everyone gets a chance to participate and feel confident in their creative process.

She prepares for hours to make sure the art history part of the class is engaging and the project is manageable for little hands, as well as more accomplished older artists. Susannah takes into consideration all the limited materials that might be available in our home settings and truly makes use of her multi-disciplinary education to create projects that build up on one another and enable students to grow on their own terms.

I couldn't have been happier to have Susannah as our main virtual art classes teacher this fall. Please check out the schedule and see what might work best for your schedule, just so you could experience her unique, individual centered teaching.

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