Half Day Virtual Camp/ Ongoing Classes Available

You're overwhelmed with working from home this summer, and having to entertain kids. Your children need meaningful and yet fun interactive activities to keep them entertained. Go no further. With a packed half day summer program, and over 20+ ongoing classes per week, you can have multiple children learning and busy for hours, without your involvement.


For our regular summer class we meet once a week for 1 hour, with ample fun assignments and bonus points for extras they can easily do at home! The groups are split up into 4-6 year olds, and 7-10 year olds!

Projects are split into units and build off of one another, covering and testing art history basics, artistic techniques and sociology. During the Summer of 2020 we'll focus on Myths from Around the World!


Our Half-Day Summer Camp has two time slots.

It runs from 9:30am EST to 12:30pm, and 1pm - 4pm EST, and includes a book club, anime and varied art projects, a fun break dance class and lots of visiting teachers who provide quests, theater, and all kinds of fun activities!



Adult One-Day Corporate Remote Workshops & Ongoing Virtual Classes


When your schedule is quite hectic during the day, join us for this weekly super relaxing evening class. We're meeting live to get your creative juices flowing and you receive personalized feedback on your progress, without a cookie-cutter approach.


For those companies who still want to create a sense of community while working from home, as well as give their employees a well-earned opportunity to relax, contact us about a virtual corporate workshop!


Our Robust Pre-Teen/Teen Program

For those teens who want to get their hands 'dirty' so to speak with real techniques and challenges, we have a very comprehensive program that starts off with pencil/composition, moves to watercolor and finishes off with oil techniques. This summer we'll be working on myths and anime and learning about altering light and color.


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