Meditative Art Rooms


Help your talent re-enter the workplace by providing much needed healing in their work environment. Through a proprietary approach, each rooms assists in preventing burnout, providing a chance to re-charge and re-focus, and opens up innovation.

Workshops Available

The Plein-Air Art academy corporate workshops increase productivity, battle overwhelm, promote teamwork and help participants think outside the box.

Virtual Pastel Workshop


Learn 7 basic techniques of utilizing oil pastels in this one hour virtual workshop. Perfect for employees and their kids while working from home. Builds confidence, promotes innovation and battles overwhelm and anxiety

cherry blossom adult class plein-air aca

Hands-on Virtual Watercolor workshop


 Bringing the outdoors into your zoom life : Pick a blossom and focus on basic techniques alongside your team. Materials to be organized for all participants.


Painting + Color Theory


Part lecture/part painting workshop with focus on color theory: painting floral arrangements with acrylics on canvas (up to 30 participants)


"I have participated in Diana's presentation about "Art in Your Home" and found it both engaging and helpful in thinking about how to select art for our house as well as how to position it in the best possible way. I would highly recommend her presentation for anyone interested in learning more about art collecting and making their home more unique through art"

– Katya Taycher, Managing Director, Product Management at Charles River Development, a State Street Company